Studio Update: 7/13/15

Man this record is really starting to come along. We’re doing a lot of cool effects and Evan is helping us achieve the best sound possible. So far we have guitars finished for 7 out of the 9 songs. All we need to finish for guitars are the songs “Primogenial Birth” and “Vertiginous” which we saved for last because they’re the hardest. We have also been doing some real cool sounds using an Ebow on both electric and acoustic guitars. Below is a link of Shaun playing with some Ebow effects as well as a little teaser within. Let us know what you think, just comment below! Also be sure to add us on all our social networks @thesummoned for live updates from the studio!

Thank you for last night!



What a way to go on a break with a bang! Last night’s show was truly awesome. Lots of friends and new faces came out to watch us tear down The Dover Brickhouse. All the bands last night ruled! Both EA-Indigo and Unrest In Transit really killed it. Be sure to check them out on all their social media sites. If you missed last night’s show you also missed out on us playing a brand new song called “Built of Glass” which will be on the new album “Sessions”, seems like people really liked it which is an awesome sign. We really think you guys will like the new album. So what’s next for The Summoned? We’ll be taking a break from playing shows to finish recording the album, tend to some family matters and come up with an awesome game plan for an EPIC return. We’ gonna have all new music, merch and lighting to really put on a visual/audio experience for our shows when we come back in full effect. Who knows, perhaps we’ll tour for the new album when we come back? Only time will tell. Once again thank you for your support last night. Shows like last night truly make us a stronger. Without you this wouldn’t be possible!

What’s new?

LIGHTING! Yep. We’re always thinking how we can increase the intensity of our live performance. Well, adding lighting that move/changes to the feel of our music is going to enhance your experience. We’re working diligently to get this up and running so come check us out at the next show because we might just have it ready then, who knows. Other than lighting, recording is still in “Sessions” hah! Shaun is heading back up to finish a few more tracks. Steve will be there to spice things up because he always come up with ideas in that head of his 😉 .
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Update on Recording

Over the past weekend we went in for our second recording session of laying down guitar tracks with Evan Sammons. Shaun managed to get “The Grave Mistake” fully recorded and nearly finished “Fractal Patterns”, all he needs to do now for “Fractal Patterns” is lay down a sweet solo. Had to end early due to an incoming snow storm…again. The recording is sounding AWESOME and is only going to sound more monstrous once others bass and vocals are added. Based on the progress of recording it’s looking like it will be out in the summer. Stay tuned for more updates from the studio!