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Author: thesummoned

  • The Summoned and Bassist Justin Marchant Have Parted Ways, Seeking a New Bassist

    Bassist Justin Marchant has parted ways with The Summoned due to personal reasons. The split was mutual, we cherished every moment we had having him around and wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. Justin will be finishing up the album and filling in for select shows until a replacement is found.…

  • Preview of Guitars and Drums off the new album “Sessions”

    Here it is…a little clip from the songs “The Pendulum Swing”, “Faradic” and “Built of Glass” off the new album “Sessions”. This is just a rough mix of drums and guitars recorded direct in using a Kemper Profiler until reamping begins. Click the play button to listen!

  • Guitar Tracking Has Begun

    Now that drum tracking is completed we have begun guitar tracking! So far we have three songs finished. Those songs are “The Pendulum Swing”, “Faradic” and “Built of Glass”. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine because we’re always posting videos up on them while in process.

  • Time for practice!

  • Tentative Track Listing and Album Title

    So here it is…we’re getting to that point where the album is truly coming together. In fact we have 9 songs with structures all completed. It’s going to clock in a little over 45 mins so definitely a great driving album! With that being said name of the album is titled “Sessions”. We’ll be recording…