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Tentative Track Listing and Album Title

So here it is…we’re getting to that point where the album is truly coming together. In fact we have 9 songs with structures all completed. It’s going to clock in a little over 45 mins so definitely a great driving album! With that being said name of the album is titled “Sessions”. We’ll be recording with Evan Sammons from Last Chance To Reason. If we have some of the funds available we’ll be looking to record in Late September / Early October. It’s not easy being in an unsigned and dropping a few grand on an album definitely takes it’s toll financially. So we wanted to get your opinion. Should we do a crowd funding campaign to help raise money for the album? You can click the link below to vote! With that being said…the track listing.

“Sessions” ( Full Length)

1. The Pendulum Swing
2. Faradic
3. Primogenial Inception
4. The Grave Mistake
5. Built of Glass
6. Fractal Patterns
7. Vertiginous
8. Recollection
9. Satori

Should We Start an Indiegogo or Kickstarter Campaign to fund the new album?

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