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New Video of Shaun Recording Guitars!

We just released a new video of Shaun recording guitars for the new album “Sessions” which even includes raw unmixed/mastered clips. Recording is nearing completion. All we have left is bass (in progress), vocals and sound samples. Once those are done we may throw up a rough track online but we really want you to experience how it will truly sound once Jamie King (Between The Buried and Me’s, Colors & Coma Ecliptic) masters it.

Once all that good stuff is complete it’s really a matter of pre-orders for the album. Expect a late 2015 release or an early 2016 release. We think as a fan of The Summoned you will truly enjoy this album and really be taken back as to how unique it truly is. It’s definitely a depart from The Summoned you’re used to but have all of our albums/EP’s really sounded the same? You be the judge. Check the video out and let us know what you think! Leave a comment on our Facebook or use #thesummoned on Twitter, Vine or Instagram!

Yours Truly,
Steve, Shaun, Sam & Jarred
The Summoned

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