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“Great songs, great players, great live show! The Summoned is badass!” – Scrimmy the Dirtbag -THATS OK! Productions

“The Summoned playing live is explosive and forever; once they get you, you’re theirs until they say it’s over.” – Nickolas Tsui – Howl Magazine

“The Summoned are one of the greatest bands to work with today, Highly motivated, extremely talented, tons of energy on stage and knows how to get the crowd moving! They are very professional and true to what they do and still know how to have fun! If you have the chance to work with The Summoned I would do so, you will not regret it!” – Ed xgraveyardx- Former Elm City Booking

“The Summoned new album If only minds could paint pictures, is an amazing album! These guys are local and you should be onto this band!” – Roadkill, Rock 101 WHEB

“The band’s debut full length, If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures, is an nine-track romp through a coked up, ADHD-ridden, autistic child’s mind…” – Kevin Juliff, The New Review

“From start to finish you get the feeling that If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures is totally unrelenting. At every point where it feels like there’s a down moment it lulls you into a false sense of security until you get fully-harmonized riffs forced with fury down your throat.” – Jordan Munson, The Heaviest Matter of the Universe

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